Hot out of the shop!

Lot’s of fun stuff here, mostly smaller projects, furniture, and the works. Custom furniture usually results from the need for something that looks cool, and fits an exact space or need where something store-bought can’t be found. Almost always, they’re a part of a larger project, where a space gets reconfigured. There’s an occasional vanity or small detail that makes a big difference. I’m always amazed how some simple detail can transform an entire space. Big bang for the buck. Photos get added here, and none get deleted, so usually those at the top are the newest.


Cherry/Port Orford Cedar Sideboard

Hole In The Wall

The White Room

Sunlight on wood


Bubinga vanity close-up

Bubinga vanity

Port Orford Cedar and Cherry

Cherry Cabinet

The incredible 4-hour dining room table. $200 worth of curly maple, a killer deadline (Thanksgiving Dinner) and voila!

walnut table, cherry floor, and legs made out of stair newel posts. The walnut was left-over, and the whole table was about a 3-hour project. It was made to fit the space.

another view with more floor. pretty stuff, that curly cherry...

git funky with some luthier materials, rejected guitar back material, abalone inlay, and a stick that fell off a tree outside

tack box with a sliding top, side access door, and metal cutouts from an old series of sculptures I did for a gallery in New York. The idea was to give the feel of the old pierced tin, with a little creepiness added in.

Curly Port Orford cedar table stringer

Table legs, Port Orford Cedar

Things you can do with rejected pieces of instrument-grade guitar top spruce