I’m a big believer in music, not just as a way to relax, but as a way to sharpen your brain after a long day’s work, and as an educational experience for kids that’s simply amazing. I run a concert series and workshop series here in Madison, and also run the local fiddle club, called the Skunk Misery Ramblers. We get some of the best artists from around the world at our place, and let them run free in a great environment. Here’s a link.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? I have also built practice rooms and small studios for musicians, and can really help figure a way to put music in your home, either as a featured element, or in a more discreet way. We’ve built in systems so that you can sit back with your laptop or I-pad or whatever, pick some tunes, and stream them into whatever room you’re in. Sit back, enjoy a conversation with you spouse (remember how to do that?) and scroll though some old favorites while you enjoy a glass of wine, or water, or soda, or whatever you want.

Home audio is incredible right now. Sound quality that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is now available at a fraction. A great system makes listening fun. Myself, I like old-school tube amplifiers (on custom furniture, of course) and single-driver, full range speakers. But that’s just a start, there’s a whole bunch of great stuff out there that can really enrich your life, and we work with a lot of the guys who can supply the right stuff. Listening to and learning to play great music is inspriational for all ages, so don’t let it pass you by!!

Intrument details can affect design, like adding this old Washburn guitar backstripe to a coffee table. Done for a guitar collector.

One of my speaker experiment, with single-range driver (Fostex). Sound great, if I do say so myself (come for an audition!) and look cool thanks to quilted maple and rare bastogne walnut.
















Tube amp, baby! Are they really better? That's a matter of opinion, but I love them. On an English curly walnut table.



Fletcher Brock mandolin inlay. Wish it were mine, but it shows the beauty and inspiration of instruments themselves. The art of luthierie is at an all-time high right now. You need to get something beatiful like this. It'll inspire you to play, thrill you with it's beaty, and probably appreciate, unike that SUV sitting in your driveway....










Banjoes are beautiful, too. Built by my son out in Colorado, where he frequently wins competitions at festivals.













I’m probably one of the few builders that actually builds his own speakers, and monitors for our concert series.

Artsy monitor shot

little monitors for live performances, used so the artists can hear the music that the audience is hearing