Photo gallery

Here are a bunch of pictures of exteriors, bigger additions or garages, stuff like that. After 30 years, there are a million pictures I could put up, but it gets to be a bit much, so this is a small sampler.

Old house in Westport. An almost complete rebuild with addition. We kept all the sway of the roof in, the tilting sides, etc. The idea; make what we did invisible to those who have not seen the house before. It worked, we won a restoration award for this.


Outbuildings are way cool. I love them. An elegant garage, looking vaguely church-like, a tool shed designed to look like an old outhouse, or barns that attach to houses to function as a huge great room. All make a property really special for not a huge sum of money. Or, perhaps it’s just an interesting and fun entryway that reflects your way of life. It’s all about having someone walk up to your door and think, “wow, this is really interesting.” Here are just a few ideas:


upstairs in the garage

another view

looking up


Screen door, made out of teak and garapa, some strange but beautiful tropical wood. It'll NEVER rot now...

teak and garapa close-up

Old house looking towards new barn.

Faux old barn. Our greatest compliment was when a neighbor came over to the house to visit the owners while we were doing a last little clean-up. We heard the neighbor say, "How great, you finally connected the barn to the house!" The barn and the connector to the house had just been finished, and were brand new.

roof over custom door

Fence of tropical and African scraps, ipe, garapa and bubinga. With U.V.-blocking oil, it just glows in the sun. Random heights and picket shapes for a little funkiness.

pergola and stone